Good Morning Quotes, SMS, Text Messages in English

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Good Morning Quotes, SMS, Text Messages in English

Good Morning Text Messages 

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good morning text messages

Good Morning Quotes, SMS, Text Messages in English

We should have no regrets. The past is finished there is nothing to be gained by going over it. What ever it gave us in the experiences it brought us was something we had to know.

You’re probably sleeping like a cute little baby right now. I just wanted to say good morning beautifulJ I hope you have a smile on your face right now.. in case you don’t.. you better have one by now because your smile is just so damm pretty, and I can’t get it out of my head. I hope you have an amazing day today cutie

The importance of good people in our life is like the importance of heartbeats. It’s not visivle but silently supports our life. Good morning friends!

Here is one more time! Live life. Make a difference. Touch a heart. Inspire a soul. Encourage a mind.
Night has ended for another day, morning had come in a special way, may you smile like the sunny rays, your worries at the blue blue bay.” Good morning”

Morning are gift of god brand new day, brand new journey enjoy it, embrace it!

Morning is delightful. Its only stumbling block is that is comes at such an unseemly time of day.

Life is beautiful one day, one hour and one minute, will come again in your entire life. Avoid fight, angry and speak lovely to every person.

Good morning beautiful!!! J)))) just wanted to let you know that I woke up thinking about you. Have a v lovely day :-D

If you tell the truth it becomes a part of your past; but if you lie it becomes a part of your future.
Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.

Night has gone and the moon, too. Sun is shnning and the sky is blue. Time to open your beautiful eyes; and accept my good morning messages to you!

Smile increases value of face, anger spoils beauty of soul, faith is force of life, confidence is companion of success, so keep smiling.

Good morning wishes a new morning gives a fresh lease of life and bountiful of love to share with them who dreamt with us of his beautiful day.

g-od o-offers us o-utstanding d- votion to m-ake us- o-bedient & r-eady for n-ew day to i-nitiate n- ew aim for the g- lory of life. Have a nice day

Most is not just the new day; it’s the defeat of darkness by the light of sun. Have a wonderful day.

Time determine whom you will meet in your life, heart measures, whom you will love in life and attitude and behavior measures for whom you will get friendship in life.

Waking up every blessed morning and having my bath, saying my prayers and blessing up gorgeously, but without the thought of your love is a sure way to have a hand.  Have a great day my love.

A morning text does not simply mean, “good morning.” Rather, it comes with the silent, loving messages, “ I think of you when I wake up.”

Always take smile on your face, never stop smile on face, because I am happy because of your smile.

Good Morning Quotes Messages in English

Good Morning Quotes, SMS, Text Messages

Good Morning Text Messages Loved Ones

Good morning love. You are a blessing from the heavens above.

This morning, I want you to know that you are the man of my dreams and I am so lucky that you are my reality too. I love you. I never ever want to lose you. Good morning.

A good message for a good person, from a good friend for a  good reason, at a good time on a good day in a good mood to say “good morning”

Eat less-chew more
Talk less-say more
Hate less-love more
Fear less-hope more

Whine less- breathe more and all the good good things in life will be your  good morning!

It’s only a good morning when I know I have you.

The sun rises into the sky with the warmest smile hoping that you have the perfect day and wish you a good morning

May your cup overflow wit peace love and pure awesomeness today? Good morning!

To the love life I say good morning, to my better hall may you always have reason to taught as you start today receive more grace to live as it has been written of you

Waking up and seeing you next to me is such a blessing indeed. Have a nice day ahead! Good morning. Love!

A good morning text doesn’t only mean “good morning” it has a silent. Loving a message that says. “I think of you when I wake up.”

What I like about is that I get to play as your prince charming and you as my sleeping beauty. Good morning my princess. Time to wake up.

Wishing a good morning that gives you all the cheer, to make the day a wonderful. Have a great good morning!!

You are my sweetest dream come true. Good morning!

Were you a coffee been in your past life? Must be, because I can’t start my day without you. good morning my love.

Good Morning Text Messages Loved Ones

Good Morning Text Messages Loved Ones

Good Morning Text Messages Loved Ones

Good Morning Messages for Friends and Family

Not everyday is a perfect is miracle. Good morning to all my friends and family, may the son of god shine in your life, today and everyday…

A new day brings in new hope in life, there would be many struggles and strive, but, you will reach where you want to, a very good morning to you!

Eyes are not meant for tears and heart is not meant for fear, never get upset but always cheer. Because you are the one who can make people smile for years.

Nothing can  stop this very day nothing can possibly come in your way nothing can become an always special smile, wake up and enjoy the surmise with friends around, every day  is a new prize I hope this day floods your life with happiness and memories that are truly priceless good morning

Everyday I am waking up happily, because I know I am starting, my day by wishing good morning to you have a great good morning.

A morning becomes more beautiful if I spend with you. Good morning.

You’re my baby, my headache, my love,  my smile, my frown, my wrong, my right, my pain, my happiness, my everything. You’re mine.

Every mooning you have two choices: continue to sleep with dreams or “wake up and chase your dreams” the choice is yours..

Life is like a book: each day a new page with adventures to experience, lessons to learn and good deeds to replicate. Have a colorful page today. “Good Morning”

If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done.

Relationships are like birds, if you hold them tightly they die. If you hold loosely they fly. But if you hold with care they remain with you forever.

You may still be a bit sleepy but its time you smelt the coffee life will wiz past in a hurry you’ll waste it if you become lazy just hold my hand don’t worry let’s ride together like beasties no matter how tough or twisty life is awesome when it’s you and me. Good morning.

Good Morning Messages for Friends

Good Morning Messages for Family

Good Morning Messages for Friends and Family

Good Morning Love Text Messages to Girlfriend

Each day is new and each day is special, it feels wonderful only because of you, in the morning I miss you more, because my pretty girl, I love you to the core, have a lovely morning, keep smiling!

Start your day with a smile knowing that I will always be by your side when you miss me , just call my name I’ll try all my best just to be there.

The hardships of yesterday are buried after the birth of this new day. Given this chance I want to thank you for loving me each day.

“Today I promise to accept all your demands if you promise to kiss me all day and make feel better.”
A strong cup of coffee, is for you my love, may you have a lovely day, and smile all through, being your day a anew, good morning, I love you!

I crave to see the smile on your face. Your arms. My favorite place. I know, what did was totally wrong. But please forgive me baby. It’s been too long.

All the hugs and the kiss, all the time which I miss, I mean what I say my beautiful, life with you is truly wonderful, I love you so much, good morning to you!

Fill year cup with the finest brewed coffee take a sip and set yourself free from the memories of long luring night this better morning brings brightest light.

You’re always in my mind, in my dreams, when I’m awake thinking of you. I just want you to know that I’m missing you so, I love you so much!

Good Morning Love Text Messages to Girlfriend

Good Morning Love Text Messages to Girlfriend

Good Morning Love Text Messages to Girlfriend

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for Boyfriend

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

Just the thought of you brightens up my morning!

Don’t be upset and get caught up with things or people that cannot change… instead, move on let go and focus on what you are able to chance your life.

“Excuse me, but were you a coffee beam in a previous life!” “you must have been  because I can’t start my day without you.”

Going shopping and you telling me what I can and can’t wear and most of all… every single second spent with you. They’re so precious to me because I love so much. I’m just so excited about our future! I love you baby.

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for Boyfriend

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for Boyfriend

Good Morning Text Messages for Brother

This is to wish you a good morning. May this morning bring you delight and happiness my dear brother hope this morning also bring you great hope.

A brother shares childhood memories and grown up dreams, I’m the luckiest person to have you as my brother.

In every negative situation, there is some positiveness even a stopped clock is right twice times in entire day so go for positivity and lead your life.

Good morning! Almost everyone is scared of something. Even though we might have different fears. Everyone can understand what it feels like to be afraid. What is something you are scared of?

Good Morning Text Messages for Brother

Good Morning Text Messages for Brother

Good Morning Text Messages for Sister

Roses are red, violets are blue. Say you want to keep me forever because I know I do!

Everything falling apart is a sign that something new is about to build up. Good morning.

Fairies are real.. I have one. She calls herself my sister

A good friend knows all of your best stories a sister has lived them with you see the difference?

On each morning I send you text message, it’s not only the morning wish but it’s the feeling to remember you in every moment.

Good Morning Text Messages for Sister

Good Morning Text Messages for To My Lovely Wife

If I were there. I’d wake you up with a big plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes, plus a kiss from me!

Every morning I wake up only because I look forward to spending another day with a beautiful princess like you. I love you.

Everyday with you is amazing. Thank you for being the reason I wake up with a smile every morning. Good morning my lovely!

Morning sunlight on your lovely face can’t take eyes of that grace you look so pretty do you know my love morning make me so fall in love with you wishing a good morning to you have a lovely day too!

My lovely wife when I see your face I see the lovely morning grace I think that I am so lucky one coz I have you beside me you are the reason why I smile and nothing else left to see I love you very much good morning to you have a lovely day too!

“I wake up all night to ask you from god, destiny got me you one morning. I’m surely god’s favorite as he blessed me with you so, am gonna be thankful for every morning which brought me you. Good morning, sweetheart”

The beautiful morning dew and the lovely morning hue are symbolic of my for you. Good morning.

Good Morning Text Messages for To My Lovely Wife

Good Morning Text Messages for To My Lovely Wife

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