Funny Birthday wishes Text Messages For Sister

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Funny Birthday wishes Text  Messages For Sister

Funny Birthday wishes Messages For Sister

I saw the birthday fairy coming your way… and I knocked her ass out! I’ve always got your back, sister! Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, like the monkey like the monkey, lie the donkey, the gorilla is you!

…who else would I have blamed for all the trouble I’ve caused?! Have a great birthday

Sitter to sister we will always be, a couple of nuts off the family tree.

God made us sister, our hearts made us friends; love keeps us bonded through thick and thin.

I hope this greeting reminds you of my love even though we’re for apart…. Happy birthday dear sister

Happy birthday to my favorite sister! Suhhh, don’t tell the others… they might get jealous.

“You are the real gift for all of us and obviously the packaging is stunning, sister, your presence in my life has made it more gorgeous. Wishing my best friend and amazing sister a big happy birthday.”

On this birthday of yours, my only wish is to have you as my sister in my next birth, coz you are the best, happy birthday my sister!

“You are so special to me that I wish that your every single day becomes special like today. Sister, you were the first best friend of my life and you’ll remain my buff, forever. Wishing you a happy birthday.”

Sister you are fantastic sister you are the best to have wound up with a sister like you makes me feel like I’m blessed.

“There are a lot of sisters in the world, but you are without a doubt the best. You are always there when I needed a sister’s love. Happy birthday.”

It is always fun to quarrel over silly things. It won’t be fun until you get a good company-ion to fight with. Thanks for being my best companion in fights. Happy birthday my little sister

Funny Birthday wishes Messages For Sister

Funny Birthday Text Messages For Sister

Dear sister the best thing about having a sister is that I will always have a friend… how I love you happy birthday.

I am so glad you’re my sister. I hope that your birthday brings you everything you could want and more! Happy birthday!

When it’s my birthday I want a cake without candles because a sister likes you makes wishes redundant a smashing birthday.

Happy birthday to the most amazing sister ever! I am glad you’re my sister (cause let face it most couldn’t handle your crazy ass) love your awesome sister.

Happy birthday… once I thought having an ill sister would be fun… now your birthday jurist reminds me I’m old.

Happy birthday to the new wrinkle on your face. Welcome to another set of gray hairs on your head.

“You and I both know that you’ve been brat since we were kids, but I’m not going to mention that today. I’ll do you the fever of not telling everyone about your childhood pranks have a great birthday! Cheers!”

You have been there for me all my life you have helped me when times were bad. I’ve turned to you when I needed someone apart from mom and dad. So I want to tell you now today thank you for all you’re done. Whether we fought or whether we laughed we always had good times and fun!

“Having you for a sister makes my life more beautiful. Sister not only share clothes and accessories but they also share a life together, happy birthday!

“You are in my heart every day. A sister with a birthday cake is great. Happy birthday.”

Family get-together s are more fun when you are around. I always look forward on catching up with you whether it is the latest fashion or just about anything that we are up too lately. Happy birthday, sis! May you a great and fun birthday!

Happy birthday, sis! No one knows me better than you, or better than me, I am blessed to have you in my life.

Funny Birthday Text Messages For Sister

Funny Birthday Messages For Sister

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”
You are a part of my life, you play a most important role, over the years, I have known you well, now, you are in my heart, you are  truly a wonderful sis, love you happy birthday!

Happiest of birth day wishes 2 your sister dear Betty she looks like she is as great an egg as you hugs, my friend & Colorado looked wonderful to so glad you had such fun on that trip hope all your birth day dreams & wishes come true:

Have a fun filled, joyous day happy birthday to my lovely sister

You are everything that I could have asked more. I don’t which of us is luckier! Happy birthday,

I love you sister you are simply amazing and just couldn’t imagine my life without you happy birthday

May you have as many birthday as there are rainbows in the world. May you radiate, shine bright and spread happiness wherever you go. Happy birthday dear sister

Through all my life, you have been there for me when no one else has. You are my sister first, and my best friend always.

A world of wishes, sister meant especially for you may all the nicest things be yours today and all year through! Happy birthday sister

I am sending warm birthday wishes to a special lady who also happens to be my sister. You are truly remarkable and apart from being your sibling, I am blessed to be your friend also. Happy birthday girl

A sister is someone special, who fights with me, cares for me, plays with me, suggests me things and shouts at me at times. What forever happens you are my sister forever? Happy birthday sister

I can hard up believe that our little one has grown up to be a wonderful pound man!!! Happy birthday wishing you success, joy and happiness always…

Hey old man, how is your memory doing nowadays? I was thinking if you are still capable enough to remember your birthday or not! Who cares? I remember the day. That should be enough for everybody else in our gang. On this day, I wish you and bless you with all my heart, so goofy, have a very happy birthday

Funny Birthday Messages For Sister

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