Christmas Message For Wife With Greetings Images

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I wish you a life filled with love and care. As you filled mine with yours. I thank you for your support, strength and faith, This Christmas. I promise you love. Passion and togetherness for the rest of my life, Merry Christmas.

You changed my would, you made a better life, everything is just great, because of my loving wife, I love you so much, merry Christmas!  

I am so lucky to call you mine, with you everything is just fine, to celebrate the toast with wine, to my lovely wife, merry Christmas!

On this special occasion, I would like to tell you, that thanks for coming in my life, thanks for everything you did, you mean a lot to me, you are my love to thee, merry Christmas!


You are only strength in life; cheers to the time spend with you, to my most wonderful wife. I love you, merry Christmas and.

You are so special to me. That I can’t put in words. Without you, my life truly incomplete, I love you so much. Wish you a merry Christmas sweetheart!

I think I have really lucky. To have you in my life, because you complete me in every sense, yes in every tense, on this holy day today, I just want to say, that I love you a lot, merry Christmas!

Not a single day of my life is complete without seeing your pretty face, without seeing your charming grace, today being a special day, just wish to say, that I am blessed to have you in my life, merry Christmas!


I loved you then and I love you more now merry Christmas honey.

Merry Christmas my love! We may have arguments, problems, and misunderstandings. But one thing’s for sure, even if life brings us down, I’ll stick with you no matter what for the rest of my life. Merry Christmas honey!

Merry Christmas we’ll be walking around the Christmas tree. And you’re invited.

Merry Christmas I love you and happy holidays! I may not always say this but I truly love you. And I will always love you tile my last breath. I love you so much and merry Christmas!


May this Christmas spread peace and happiness in your life, Santa blesses you… merry Christmas.

Stay with me through ups and downs, and I’ll stay with you for the rest of my life merry Christmas dear wife.

You have been there through my tough time, you are always there for me, before you my life, and there is nothing left to see, wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I feel so blessed because of you; do your even have a clue? That I so love you, on this holy season, I want to say that, I truly love you, merry Christmas!


This Christmas I would you to know how much I love you, how much I appreciate your presence you give light to my life as well as to was our children he wads can express how macho you mean to me merry Christmas.

This Christmas, I wish that you get, everything that you need, I hope that you get everything that you wish, that is my only wish, merry Christmas dear!

The passion and compassion, the meanings so true, I know you are always there for me, and I know it’s true; I too love you, merry Christmas.

A lovely Christmas greetings for a lovely person from a lovely heart in a lovely way to spread love in this special season have a lovely Christmas.


From the time I have known you, you are truly the one for me, from the time you are my wife. You have been my destiny I truly love you a lot, you are in my every thought, wish you a lovely Christmas sweetheart!

Merry Christmas, my love! I love you because you because I love you, a love without boundaries, I love you because I love you, that’s it… it is simple!

Merry Christmas thank you for being my wife for being an excellent mother to our children, this Christmas, I’m giving you the most special gift, I’m giving you may eternal and long lasting love.


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