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The things are we don’t actually need to see the sun to know that it there. Whether its hues are shining brilliantly or whether its presence is hidden from sight we can rejoice in its gift to us... of a new day.

Sending beautiful flowers to brighten up your day spreading seeds of joy of you along the way hope this day starts out fine for you in every way hope there’s always sunshine to chase stormy clouds away. Good morning!

Good morning sunshine! Morning are gift of god… they bring in a brand new journey… enjoy them and embrace them… good morning sunshiny! Happy blessed day for all!

We’re all looking for happiness. Sometimes, all it takes is to stop focusing on our troubles and start thinking of our blessings. A lovely reminder, that happiness truly stems from inside of us. Hold on to that feeling, cherish it can be grateful.


Dream will only come true when you get up and do good morning.

Don’t worry about yesterday or last month. Today in a new day so renew your mind this morning; be positive and start fresh.

No you are not too late nor are you too old. This morning make up mind to live anew. Life is not in the mundane boring things but in being alive and doing exciting things.

A morning text does not simply mean good morning rather, it comes with the silent, loving message I think of you when I wake up.


If you eat like everyone else, you’ll look like them too educate yourself on the power of food.

Every morning, I wake up saying I am still alive, it’s a miracle. And so I keep on pushing.

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine good morning any name here.

Sunshine arrives in the morning and brightens my day. The warmth of the sun reminds me of the warmth that I feel in your arms.


Good morning, sunshine. Look down from as high as possible. Look ahead as far as you can see. Then decide what to do.

Good morning, sunshine. The only way to find out if it will work is simple –do it.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are gory... You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away…


Opportunities are like sunrise; if you wait too long, you miss them good morning.

Be careful who you share your weakness with. Some people can’t wait for the opportunity to use them against you.

For the last 24 hrs 1440 minutes, 86408 seconds, I’ve missed you and I ‘cant meeting you today, good morning my sunshine’s.

Good morning may the sun shine bright upon your day and bring your beautiful moments through!


Every morning; the sun says, “Wake up like me”; the sky says, “Aim high like me”; the wind says, “Freshen everybody like me” me and I say good morning!

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

Good morning sunshine! Time to have an amazing Wednesday! Smiles and happiness for all to enjoy! God bless you! Love & blessings?

When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high no trouble too difficult to overcome.


Not all friends are my morning sunshine, some are much more loving, a rare kind, that’s why hope happiness passes your way and with every passing hour you have a great day! Good morning.

Our hopes and dreams should be like hair and nails. No matter how many times they get cut but them never but stop growing good morning!

Good morning sunshine make your bed get dressed brush your teeth brush your hair eat breakfast give mommy lots of hugs and kisses always do your best have a great day.

Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.


When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.

I’d like to dedicate this to my grandpa who showed me these moves that is so sweet. Where is your grandpa right now?

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and man cannot live without love.

May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that’s always blue? And may happiness fill your heart each day you whole life through.


Sun glows for a day, candle for an hour, and matchstick for a minute, but a good day can glow forever.

Sunshine is shining… a new day calling… open your heart and mind, grab every opportunity that comes by… good morning!

This sunshine oval the sea at St. Loves was so beautiful. There’s something about a sunshine that lifts my heart. It brings all the possibilities of a new day. It tells me my soul can hope for anything.

Good morning, sunshine. What good is having a belly if there’s no fire in it? Wake up drink your passion, light a match and get to work.


Good morning, sunshine. The annoying thing about success is we have to work for is. So if do the things we love, success comes easy!

Good morning sunshine never stops shining; sometimes you just have to look beyond the clouds to see it.


Good morning sunshine when you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive to breathe, to think, to enjoy loving.

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