Happy Teddy Day Wishes Images With Romantic Love Quotes And Touching Heart Messages

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Happy Teddy Day Wishes For Friends

When you care for someone more than they deserve, you get hurt more than you deserve...

Teddy bear do not necked hearts... as they are already stuffed vid luv... Happy this beautiful teddy day

You are my sweetest teddy bear… happy teddy bear day my lovely dealing happy teddy day.

This is a cute teddy bear to my cue wife who is rarely my life a want to tell you that never leave me in life happened teddy day love is the flower of lie happy teddy day


You’re just like a teddy… warm, sweet and cuddly too. It’s bear day and I am thinking a lot about you!

It don’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again.

Today on this teddy day I want to wish the sweetest girl cute than the teddy happy teddy day

To all my family and friends, I just wanted to tell you that I love you, because yesterday is gone, today’s almost over and tomorrow isn’t promised…


Happy Teddy Day Wishes Sweet Love Images

The soft cuddly teddy is there to show I will always be there. This you should know happy teddy day

It’s teddy bear today and I am thinking of someone cute and huggable who is you happy teddy day

A cute teddy bear to my cute friend on cute occasions just to say... happy teddy day

You are in MT thoughts and heart whoever I may go. On this teddy day did like to say I care more than you know.


If we desire to blossom like a rose in the garden then we must learn the all of adjusting with the thins, Difficulties will make you shire. Happy teddy day

In a world where everyone… seems to be larger love lover than yourself.. It is very comforting to have a small… quiet companion… happy teddy day

A friend can be like a teddy bear to hug and hold when the world has given you all you can bar. I am glad you are that kind of friend.

As precious as you are as precious no one can ever be, I know to choose, but you are a friend I never want to lose.


Greatest Happy Teddy Day Messages For Him And Her

Teddy bear don’t need hearts as they are already sinful unit love, I am you teddy with a big heart. Happy teddy day

Love is like a closed... Love is like a dream… have is mind and everything in between love is fatigable come time... by I friend love when I found you.

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.

Happy teddy day love is friendship is love, if love fails friendship should remain. For friendship is the foundation of love.


I miss the days when all it looks to when me love better was my teddy bear. Happy teddy day

Once a bear has been loved by a human being its expression is forever marked.

The soft cuddly teddy is there to show I will always be there. This you should know happy teddy day.

Happy teddy day you’re just like a teddy warm sweet and candidly too. To teddy day and I am thinking a opt about you…


Happy Teddy Day Unique Quotes For All

You are the sweetest accident of my life. If we had not to meet that day, I would have lost my love happy teddy day.

When she was gone, I went to the basement, found an empty box, and sealed the teddy bear and the nun sweatshirt inside with heavy duty tape. I started thinking about Leigh’s id bracelet and I imagined that one day, may be years and years from now, I might open the box and say the same thing to my daughter that Leigh might say to hers; this was from a boy I used to know. He was very special to me, but that was so long ago.

I wish I was a teddy bear that lay upon your bed, so every time you cuddled it, your cuddled me inset,

God, I’ve just figured out what’s missing you ditched the allowed Alembert teddy bear! O nodded, banished to a dark cupboard for all eternity, you cold heated bastard. Give me a hot water bottle any day at least they have some appreciable function. Not like that pathetic pile of overpriced fake fur and anthropomorphic builtin I locked in the ward robe. You have serious teddy bear issues.


A bedroom with a teddy is like a face with a smile.

Love knows no reason love knows any lies, love defies all reasons, love has no eyes, but love is not blind, love sees but doesn’t mind. Happy teddy day to all

I am sending this teddy for you to know, that I will be there for you, in rain and snow, happy teddy day!

Teddy on the floor his tiny teddy half a paw is gone already. He is tattered torn and lame, yet I love lime just the same.


A friend is like a teddy bear you hug it and cry to it when you are sad; you talk to it when you feel alone! It does not matter what color, size or condition it’s in it’s there for you no matter what...!! Happy teddy day

Love you when I hear you my heart soars high when I see you I know the reason why so let me hold make you line.

Hope this bring smile on your face on teddy day…

Every in life I share, except of course my teddy bear! Happy teddy day


Beautiful Teddy Day Wallpapers For Lovers

Hey this /her name her its teddy bear day and I when say I am beery lucky to hard you in my life. Yours good name here!

I cherish my life with you always being around me, can never think how it would be without you... all I know even when you are smiles apart from me… you will still remain the most important piece of that puzzle which couplets my life..

Your name here I promise to never let you feel alone in this world.

Happy teddy day friends help each other, when a time is bad, they’ll stay by you side, when you feel sad, they’ll be with you, till the end of the earth, and we've Ben friends since birth. And they’ll stick with you, just like a tot tow. They’ll never get mad, when you change the plans, we are best friend forever.


You are my teddy bear I love to be your teddy bear I love to hug you happy teddy day!

You are in my thought love in my heart wherever I may go on teddy bear day I’d like to say I care more than you know! Cutest teddy bear day

Happy teddy day, teddy o you my dear we will walk together till the life ended.

You and me, the way it should be! We are a perfect match, lots of kisses I attach!


Special Teddy Day Sending Text SMS

Just want to say hello to my friend on teddy day!

By gifting you this teddy I want to show am ready to make you mine and fill my life with sunshine.

This is for you I love you I miss you happy teddy day

You are the sweetest of all that I am blessed with! Happy teddy day


Teddy bear is a day of love, its day when you find you true love, a day of hearts and yummy candies, a day when you find your teddy bear… happy teddy day

You’re always in my thoughts and in my dreams, whoever I may go, you’ll always  be close to my heart on teddy day I’d like to say, I love you more than you know happy teddy day!

Know what describes you best... Chocolate! Coz sweetheart... you are sweet, tempting and simply irresistible.

Without a bear… a bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile. Happy teddy day!!! 


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