I Love You Quotes And Sayings For Soul Sister With Famous Touching Hearts Messages

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Soul Sister Quotes Tumblr And Sayings  

Your friendship has helped me grow, kept me grow, kept me grounded, lifted my spirit, and brightened my life. Thank you! Soul sister

We might not share the same blood. But we share the same thoughts, the same tears. The same laughter. And the same love for each other. You’re my best friend!

I love the way god made me!! He gave me eyes to roll, ears to eaves drop, and a soothe mouth.. To tell you what your problem is!!

Positively will block the negative thoughts that overwhelm you during tough times, stay positive and you’ll achieve more than what you set yourself for.


You will always be... the sister of my soul, the friend of my heart.

Soul sister friend have your back when you’re tired of being strong.

I friend is what the heart needs all the time.

Best friend an ones who are there: whenever; wherever; however and most importantly forever!


Short Soul Sister Love Quotes And Pictures

A best friend is a sister that destiny forgot to give you.

Your my soul sister wherever I go you go no matter how far apart we are I will always know that you will be with me no matter where we are or who we are with!

Not sisters by blood but sister by heart.

Soul sisters when you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley’s rim, cheering you on , praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley’s end. Sometimes they will even break the pules sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you… or come in and carry you out.


Soul sister I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.

She had the soul of gypsum, heart of a hippie, spirit of a fairy…

We’ve shared so much laughter, so many tears we’ve a spiritual bond that grows stronger each years. We’re not sister by birth, but we knew from the start by the heart.

Never let your friend feel lonely. Disturb them at all times.


Famous Quotes About Soul Sister

Some lives and quickly go, some people move our soul to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. The stay In our lives for a while, leave footprints our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.

A little sister time is good for the soul.

I am deeply grateful to all my… soul sisters… the ones who walked beside me during the darkest winters of my life you kept me warm an lit the way home.

I know when we collided, you’re the one I have decided, who’s one of my kind.


Soul sister we all need one friend who understands what we’re not saying.

Thank you for being my biological sister.

Side by side   or miles apart we are sister, connected by the heart.

You can’ rely on how you look to sustain you. What is fundamentally beatified is compassion for yourself and for those around you, that kind of beauty inflames the heart and enchants the soul.


Soul Sister Best Friend Quotes

View your life with kind sight stop beating yourself up about things from you past instead of asking what was I thinking breathe and ask the kinder question what was I learning.

You and I are sister always remember that if you fall I will pick you up as soon as I finish laughing.
Sister to sister we will always be, a couple of nuts off the family tree.

I knew when we collided you’re the one I have decided who’s one of my kind.

Enjoy the little things in life.. for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.


Soul sister as we grow up, we realize it is lees important to have lots of friends and more important to have real ones.

Yama’s a group of there or more women whose hearts and souls are joined together by laughter and tears, shared through the glorious journey of life.

Taking to your best friend is sometimes all the therapy you need.

Someone who is always there who I know will care whose shoulder I can cry on who will defend me to others even if I am wrong who will always stick by my side and who always have my back.


 Funny Soul Sister Quotes

Surround yourself with people who make you hungry for life, touch your heart and nourish your soul.
Soul sister we are more than just friends. We’re also accomplices and alibis.

Heart and soul my soul sister you got that special part of NE such sweet love and deep devotion loving heart so wild and free.

You’ll always be disappointed people to act as you would.

Your friendship refreshes my soul.


The measure of a true friend is how fright she wants you is shine and how light she wants you to fly.

Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won’t judge you. This person is your soul mate, your best friend. Don’t ever let them go,

There are some bonds that time can never break best friend.

Friends come and go, but you can’t do anything to get rid of best friends. They leave ass marks on the sofa of your soul.


I Love You Soul Sister Messages

I’ve heard of soul mate before but never knew they could exist until met you.

Soul sisters are the perfect best friend.

Once in a while, someone comes into your life and changes everything. Raises your standards, makes you laugh, and makes you feel at home. And even though you’re not together, you feel like you never want to let them go.

I feel like part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything maybe we’re from the same star.


Sometimes, that girl who seems so strong, who never lets what people say bother her, who smiles and laughs with her friends all the time, is really the girl who, deep down is falling to pieces.

Just sisters you mess with her, you mess with me.


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