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Where does the spark and infatuation from the beginning go? It’s crazy how quickly you can go from being excited to talk to a person to feel like you’re forcing the conversation. The quality time turns into “I was working” and the consistent communication becomes “I don’t know”. When do “I hate to see you leave” turn into “hurts too much to stay? Maybe we’re all guilty of taking things for granted, or letting our fears stop us from taking certain chances. Maybe we think happiness is just something that finds us, instead of being something we work for and choose to have. And maybe, just maybe that’s why we get it wrong so often. It’s amazing how fast things can change. You go from laughing about anything to arguing about everything. You have to go through the motions. Wondering if they’re real, if they really care, or if they’re going to run when things get rough, you want to give more of yourself to somebody, but it’s hard these days because you just never know if you’ll get anything back. You think you have it all down. You do the little things, you stay consistent, but somehow it just doesn’t add up, maybe the problem is that we expect the love to be magical before we become magicians. Or could it be that we’re all just better breakers than builders. We’d rather have feelings we can throw away, and have love that’s disposable. God forbid a situation requires us to grow, learn more, and actually put work in. reality is rough. You only want what’s easy and that’s why what you get never last. Everybody wants to be fought for, but nobody is willing to fight. She loves the butterflies. But she avoids new beginnings because she hates having to start over. He’s tired, but he’s so used to the chase that he’s scared to stop running. Makes you wonder…is love really hard? Or are people just that difficult?

Cutting people out of your life doesn't mean you hate them, it simply means you respect yourself. Not everyone is meant to stay.


My greatest dream, Is to spend the rest of my life with you; Laughing and sharing, Making wonderful memories in all that we do To grow together, to be strong as one, To talk, to communicate, To unite when things come undone To be your best friend, And for you to be mine; To support one another When we give things a try To be honest and faithful To be kind and comforting, Generous and respectful For now and for always.

You don’t realize how badly you’ve been treated until someone comes along and treats you the way you should be treated.

Never miss out on a good woman that can make your life great just because she's a little difficult. She may not be easy but she's worth it.

The simplest principles become difficult of practice, when habits, formed in error, have been fixed by time and the simplest truths hard to receive when prejudice has warped the mind.


You can’t just give up on someone because the situation’s not ideal. Great relationships aren’t great because they have no problems. They’re great because both people care enough about the other person to find a way to make it work.

A distant love that waits to be together is by far the most difficult relationship. It's like lighting a candle, and adoring the long flame and robust glow. Until time sets in like wax, overflowing deeper and deeper into the wick, leaving a sparse flame struggling to live. This is where most distant relationships fade, with the wax smothering the flame. This kind of relationship takes patience, hope, unconditional love, trust and strength, all centered on God. If the flame endures to the end, and the two come together, only then will it feel as if the candle was tipped and all the wax came pouring out, when the flame is revived, long and glowing again.

No one can promise a smooth relationship even when they are deeply in love. There are fights and ups and downs in every relationship. But if you stick to each other through difficult times you can make it happen. Like if you just huddle close, you can still share an umbrella on a rainy day before its sunshine again…

It can be difficult to leave a long-term relationship, even when our inner-wisdom tells us it's time to let go. At this point, we can choose let go and endure the intense pain of leaving behind the familiar to make way for a new chapter in our life. Or we can stay and suffer a low-grade pain that slowly eats away at our heart and soul, like an emotional cancer. Until we wake up, one day and realize, we are buried so deep in the dysfunction of the relationship that we scarcely remember who we were and what we wanted and needed to be.


Assumption and lack of communication are the number one relationship killers. We all perceive differently. We’ve lived different lives, we have different views. Understand that before getting angry at someone for not believing what you believe.

If you have to keep running the risk of losing me to desire me, then you don’t truly value, love, or want me. You desire a win and control.

The most difficult thing you’ll ever try to do is find someone who only wants you.

The best relationships are the ones that press on through the darkness. They are the people that look at each other and see the broke and hurt and say you are worthy.


Sometimes saying sorry is the most difficult thing on earth. But it’s the cheapest thing to save the most expensive gift called Relationship

A difficult relationship will make you feel more alone than when you were single.

A life with difficult relationships, filled with obstacles and losses, presents the most opportunity for the soul's growth.

Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment. There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.


Member the day we first started talking to each other?

No one said a relationship would be easy.

If another girl steals your man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him. Real men can't be stolen.

A single moment in life is sufficient to make you fall in love, but a life time is not sufficient to be with you my dear darling.


Relationships are mirrors that show your true self. Accept what you see, be open to heal through those who are in your life.

Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationship is complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.

A true relationship is two perfected people refusing to give up one each other.

It’s so easy to love someone when things are perfect and everything’s wonderful. But to love someone when things are difficult, when they’re not being perfect, when they’re messing up, flaws are seen, mistakes are made, i think that’s what really allows you to see how much love really is there. Anyone can love someone who’s doing and saying all the right things, being everything you want and need, when they’ve got it all together, when they have it all figured out, but to love someone at their lowest, to love someone despite how broken they feel, when they’re lost, when you’re willing to stand by them no matter how challenging or difficult things may be, i think that kind of love is a lot more beautiful. I think that kind of love is a lot more meaningful. Thank you for loving me both times, when things are good and also when things are bad. Thank you for taking in every aspect and part of me, accepting my flaws, forgiving my mistakes, helping me become the best version of me possible. Marriage is a very difficult relationship for nearly everyone and I'm sure you shouldn't do it if you want a quiet little easy life.


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