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She’s a wild child; got a rebel soul and a whole lot of gypsy wild style…

It’s a ride in a Chevrolet, it’s a man on the moon, and fireflies in June kids selling lemonade, it’s cities and farms, it’s open arms. One nation under god it’s America

Like the free wheel goes around and around well the trouble with up is there’s always a down.

So good so right this is one night I’m wishing I could rewind.


I’m a creek swimming and tangled hair kinda girl.

What are girls who love fish’ bonfires and country music made out of? Wife material

It was every wanted it to be the summer of 19 you me.

I’m a jean and t-short kind of girl.


And some day you’ll return to this elm shade red rose clay you grew up on.

Look at lifted truck s the same way guys look at my butt.

Turn the country music up, cook outs with the family. Bonfires at night. I’m so ready for summer.

From earliest childhood the boy was accustomed to feel that, for him, life was double. Winter and summer, town and country, law and liberty, were hostile, and the man who pretended they were not, was in his eyes a schoolmaster -- that is, a man employed to tell lies to little boys.


Enjoy while you can, endure when you must.

Wake up stronger than yesterday. Face your fears and wipe your tears.

It’s gonna be a long hot summer we should be together with your feet up on the dashboard now sining along with the radio it’s such a beautiful sound.

I’m a sucker for cowboy boots wranglers, and nice trucks.


My heart never smiled so hard, loving you is fun.

It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, its sip of wine, it’s summertime.

and it's sunshine, blue eyes, tan lines, slow tide Rollin' White sand, cold can, kookier in my hand, just a summertime strolling Chilin', breezing, sipping', singing' whoa

As far as I’m concerned, a life without regret is not worth living. It’s good to follow your instincts… just get caught up in a moment every once in a while. Sometimes, the consequences are worth it.


We had a need to feel the thunder To chase the lightning from the sky To watch a storm with all its wonder Raging in each other’s eyes We had to ride the heat of passion Like a comet burning bright Rushing headlong in the wind Now where only dreams have been Burning both ends of the night

Always wear high heels. Yes, they give you power. You move differently, sit differently and even speak differently.

Still, even without the country or a lake, the summer was a fine thing, particularly when you were at the beginning of it, looking ahead into it. There would be months of beautifully long, empty days, and each other to play with, and the books from the library.

I’m a little drunk on you, and high on summertime.


First love never dies but true love could bury it alive.

So I am gonna sit right here on the edge of this pier, watch the sunset disappear and drink a beer!

Cowgirls don’t cry ride, baby, ride lessons in life are donna show you in time. Soon enough you’re gonna know why it’s gonna hurt every now and then if you fall, get back on again, cowgirls don’t cry.

As long I live, whatever I do as great as it is, you know what’s a summer? I am not ever gonna beat this summer with you.


And that summer moon shining like sunlight bouncing off your eyes and light up mine just me and you.

Loading up and living right fast cars on a summer night breeze is war and the moon is bright this endless summer

There’s wild whisper lowing in the wind coffin out my name like a long lost friend oh I miss days as the years go by the nothing’s sweeter than summertime and American honey


Two things define you your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

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