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Speak up for those who cannot themselves proverbs.

Unspoken thought gets you nowhere. Speak it out. Silence isn’t always golden, sometimes it can be burden.

Change happens when enough people speak up in the same voice.

I think too much....I see too much... I feel too much, but I speak so little


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
I will not stay silent so that you can stay comfortable.

I always believe you have to speak up.

In Germany, they came first for the communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists but I didn't speak up because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time nobody was left to speak up.


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

She didn't leave you for making too many mistakes; she left because you made the same mistake too many times.

Speak up, because the day you don't speak up for the things that matter to you is the day your freedom truly ends.

I want to speak up and tell you that mascara and clothes don't make you cool, neither do name-brand handbags, but being a leader can.


Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself keep fighting for your dreams!

If you’re not going to speak up, how the world is supposed to know you exist?

If you see something beautiful in someone speak it.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.


Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Good is towing the line, being behaved, being quiet, being passive, fitting in, being liked, and great is being messy, having a belly, speaking your mind, standing up for what you believe in, fighting for another paradigm, not letting people talk you out of what you know to be true.

Re-post this if you’re against bullying. I bet 50% of you won’t re-post, but I’m sure the people with a heart will.


Let's stand up. Let's speak with pride about our morals and our values and redouble our effort to elect more conservative Republicans.

If I don't speak up, who else is going to get stabbed? ... They don't know their children have to deal with criminal gang members in their 20s. What are these people doing stabbing teenagers?

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

He who does not have the courage to speak up for his rights cannot earn the respect of others.


Many people, especially officials, don’t have the courage to speak up against corruption.

Speak up, stand up, and keep correcting the false perceptions. Stay true to your heart's views and keep chanting for peace and justice.

If you aren't gonna say exactly how and what you feel, you might as well not say anything at all.

Speak you’re holding a lot of stuff in. let it out, draw tree or something. You can forget what happened in the past. You have to grow from it.


Speak up, because day you don’t speak up for the thing that matter to you is the day your freedom truly ends.

I speak my mind. If it offends some people, well, there's not much I can do about that. But I'm going to be honest. I'm going to continue to speak my mind, and that's who I am.

A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.

If you're not going to speak up, how is the world supposed to know you exist?


Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.

By the cross we, too, are crucified with Christ; but alive in Christ. We are no more rebels, but servants; no more servants, but sons! "Let it be counted folly," says Hooker, "or fury, or frenzy, or whatever else; it is our wisdom and our comfort. We care for no knowledge in the world but this, that man hath sinned, and that God hath suffered; that God has made Himself the Son of Man, and that men are made the righteousness of God."

Dear Lord, I ask you to protect my kids: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and in every way.


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