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Every girl wants to hear that you made plans for her and not the usual "let's do whatever you want to do babe.

Real love is not based on romance, candle light dinners, and walks along the beach. It is based on respect, compromise, care, and trust.

We’ve been through a lot already but here we are, still holding on despite the issues and trials, ups and downs this fandom experiences

A woman can always tell if a man loves her by how much time he is willing to invest. Money spend is meaningless, is priceless.


He took her by the hand and her never look back.

I just want someone who won’t get annoyed when I text them six times or in all caps. Someone I can go on long drives with and can sing along to the radio with. Someone I can eat pizza with at 2am and kiss at 6pm. someone who chooses me every day and never thinks twice about it.

We may argue and have our ups and downs, but any poor soul who ever tries to get between us will find out that our love is stronger than ever.

She knew she loved him when home went from being a place to being a person.


The couples meant to be to be are the ones who go through everything that’s designed to tear them apart and come out even stronger.

Codding is one of the closest and most romantic things you can do with your partner. It is more than just mere intimacy, it is a comforting message, it tells your partner that you are there for them, they are safe with you in your arms, and they are warm and they are protected. Studies have shown that couples who cuddle more often stay happier and have a better life together because they share a whole new level of comfort and love that not even sex can bring.

A man isn’t going to leave what he knows he isn’t going to find again.

I don’t need a perfect relationship. I just need someone to act silly with, someone who treats me will and loves being with me more than anything.


Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.

In a stronger relationship both people motivate each other to go future in life.

The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart, and come out even stronger.

Date someone who gives you chills just by the way they look into.


You can’t be strong all the time. Sometimes you just need to be alone and let your tears out.

I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.

It takes a st5rong heart to love heart to love, but it takes, and even stronger heart to continue to love after it’s been hurt.

If a person keeps coming back and you love each other enough to keep forgiving past mistakes, maybe you were really meant for each other.


Life will send you heartaches and memories of those you wish to forget don’t let that stop you from living.

I want you to be happy because you deserve it even if it means that we don’t end up together in the end. It’s killing me every single day, but I get through it knowing that if there is peace and happiness in your heart, then that’s all that matters.

The most beautiful part to loving a guarded girl is this; when she lets you in, it’s not because she needs you. She stopped needing people a long time ago. It’s because she wants you, and that is the purest love of all.

The scent of wine rising from grave will be so strong that it will intoxicate passersby. There will be such an atmosphere of serenity that couples love will find it impossible to tear them away.


I can’t promise you the world, the moon, the starts money, cars, expensive cloths, may be one day I can. But right now I can promise, when you are sad I’ll turn into a comedian, when you are sick I’ll turn into a doctor, when you are In a trouble I’ll turn into superman, and when you need love I’ll turn into me.

Greatness is a transitory experience. It is never consistent. It depends in part upon the myth making imagination of humankind. The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in. he must reflect what is projected upon him. And he must have a strong sense of the sardonic. This is what uncouples him from belief in his own retention. The sardonic is all the permits him to move within himself. Without this quality an even occasional greatness will destroy a man.

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