Inspirational Birthday Message for a Super Special Friend

Remembering a friend on her birthday is fundamental. For this reason, to send him some funny dedication is not a bad idea. You can see some birthday phrases for a friend and treat her with the one you like the most.

Birthday messages for a friend

Remembering a dear friend how important it is for us is fundamental. Much more if fair is the day of his birthday. This is how we have selected a series of phrases of birthday congratulations for a friend with which you can entertain and look good.

Birthday messages for a friend

Happy birthday phrases for a friend or friend

Each one of us fulfills years once a year, just as the word says. This is a happy thing for those who like to celebrate but something bad for those who deny the coming of years. However, it is something that you cannot avoid, the birthday phrases for a friend are designed to congratulate those special people, and some are full of love and some with a funny touch.

Happy birthday phrases for a friend or friend

Birthday dedications

Whether it's the same day of the celebration or some before, it's time to choose a birthday dedication for a friend. It does not matter if it's someone you've just met or your lifelong friend, they all deserve a nice personalized greeting in private, on their Facebook wall or in their celebration.

"Congratulations, dear friend, it is very sad for me not to be able to give you a kiss and a hug on this special day for you, however, I wish you a happy birthday".

"Friendship is the shortest distance between two people, each birthday is shortened much more, thanks for being like that".

"Today we celebrate that you are a year older ... But do not worry: you're much better, happy birthday, friend!"

"The bad news is that I forgot to send you the congratulatory message in time, the good news is that I forgot your age, I hope you've had a happy birthday!"

Birthday dedications for a special friend

"With friends like you, I could celebrate every day as if it were your birthday." Congratulations.

"Silently this morning, my thoughts were for you, today is your birthday and I want to give you a gift, my best gift: I will always be with you".

"You'll never be so young again, so have fun, but be careful, my friend, you've never been so old before. Happy birthday!"

"A friend is the best gift that you can make yourself ... Every time you meet; I remind you that you are my gift. Thanks for being like that!”

"There is a special day in the year when we remember how great it is to share with you, happy birthday, and dear friend!"

"I want to congratulate you on your birthday and wish that your dreams never disappear and that they continue as vivid and as beautiful as you are, my faithful friend. Congratulations!"

Birthday messages

There are friends who are there in your best and worst moments; they are there to make you laugh but also to comfort you. Choose between these birthday messages for a friend to greet him in his day and do not forget that they are also valid options as birthday messages for a friend because in this there is no distinction.

"I wish you a year full of minutes of love, happiness and joy, Happy Birthday."

"On this special day, I want to congratulate you and tell you once again, that I really love you."

"Life is a beautiful journey, enjoy every kilometer, but above all, enjoy a happy birthday."

"As the Chinese proverb says, you have to add life to the years not years to life."

"I hope your birthday party is so fun, that it becomes an annual event."

birthday messages for friend with cards

"Birthdays are special days, they close a chapter of life and open another, no matter how many years we do, if not, how is they".

"Wishing you that over the years keep intact the illusion and hope that you feel for life today Happy Birthday".

"I cannot stop thinking about you and all the birthdays I've had the good fortune to enjoy with you."

"I hope that this New Year in your life is better than the previous one and that all your dreams come true. Happy birthday with all my heart!”

"I wish that the beautiful moments lived today, become sweet memories of tomorrow, that you have a happy birthday and ... Have fun!”

Birthday phrases for a special friend

We all have that special friend, with whom you love with heart and soul. And they are the ones who deserve the most birthday words for a friend, because they are unique people in life. Never forget these dates and if you can add a nice present to these beautiful phrases, it should not be something expensive, but it does like your friend.

"A friendship that stands the test of time and sees many things wither around is the most valuable treasure you can have. Happy birthday."

"Words cannot substitute a hug ... but they serve to make you reach my best wishes Congratulations on your day!”

Birthday phrases for a special friend

"You have been so many years that you do not know what face of circumstance to put how much you sing the 'happy birthday.' This year I will be good and I will change this hit hit for your favorite song. Singing, it's possible that it will rain. Congratulations! "

"Have fun on your birthday, because you'll never be so young again, but be careful, because you've never been so old." Happy Birthday.

"On this special day for you, I want you to know that there is someone from a distance who joins your breath of hope, with the illusion that the new year you begin to live will fill you with happiness. Happy birthday."

"May happiness and love always accompany you May all your wishes come true Happy Birthday".
"Do not think that the birthday is a barrier, just think that something has happened to you today that is not bad ... Everyone has congratulated you."

"Today is such a special day of the year; it makes me remember how great it is to share friendship with you."

"I wish you all the happiness that this day can bring ... Have an excellent birthday!"

"I want to be the first to be able to congratulate the most exciting person on earth, Thanks for being the way you are."

Birthday congratulations for a dear friend

There are many phrases to congratulate a friend on her birthday, you may have noticed, but your best friend is not one more. 

She deserves words of birthday for a different and special friend, with a lot of love and of course a special touch that only the best friends can give her.

"Happy birthday to that special person who has always been by my side to share the good and the least good things in life, to have a great day".

"Imagine how important you are in my life that your birthday is marked as festive in my calendar. Congratulations!"

"Distance makes silence not talk, with words that live with your voice and the echo of your laughter Happy Birthday."

"If you had any doubts about whether you would remember the birthday, here's the answer: How could I miss the day a person so special to me came to the world?"

"On your birthday I want to remember with you special moments, moments full of joy and above all celebrate another year of life."

"All the happiness of the world for this new year that opens before your eyes, enjoy everything you can!"
Birthday congratulations for a dear friend

"Today you just deserve to smile and be happy, and I want to be part of everything that makes you feel good so do not worry about anything just concentrate on having a nice time.

"Birthdays come and go, but unforgettable people remain in the heart forever." Happy Birthday.

"Happy birthday, may the garden of your life be always full of beautiful flowers in resemblance to your priceless virtues."

"The best friends, even when they are years old: they never change. Congratulations!"

If you stayed wanting to read more short phrases to congratulate a friend on his birthday among which this video offers. Share this video on social networks so that the message reaches everything and your contacts can also greet their friends with some of these phrases. 

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